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As Medicare Turns 56, GOP Eyes Cuts

On the 56th anniversary of Medicare being signed into law, President Biden and Democrats in Congress are considering proposals that would shore up and expand Medicare and its benefits, while Senate Republicans once again float deep cuts to the program in order to preserve tax loopholes for their richest corporate backers. In short, it’s […]


Kelly Ayotte's Assault on Retirees

While in Washington, Senator Kelly Ayotte mastered the game “follow the leader.” Ayotte has unflinchingly supported the Republican leadership’s continual assault on Medicare. Ayotte has worked with Republicans to attempt to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare while voting against legislation that would prevent Medicare turning into a voucher system. Beyond altering […]


Pence Held Hurricane Katrina Relief Funds Hostage to Push His Political Agenda

“Congress must ensure that a catastrophe of nature does not become a catastrophe of debt for our children and grandchildren.” That’s then-Rep. Mike Pence in 2005, fearmongering about the federal debt as justification for his efforts to hold Hurricane Katrina relief funding hostage so he could push for Medicare spending cuts […]