Bannon to 2018 GOP Senate Candidates: I’m In Charge

Another day, another sign Trump is empowering white nationalist Steve Bannon with a growing role in the White House. Bannon’s latest power play? Laying down the law to Sen. Mitch McConnell and any Republican thinking about running for Senate in 2018. America First, the pro-Trump Super-PAC, is ramping up to “direct fire on congressional Republicans who defy Trump’s agenda.”

Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Apparently, Senate Republicans’ rubber stamp for Trump’s extreme and xenophobic agenda isn’t enough. Steve Bannon has laid down the law: If Senators and Senate candidates don’t march in lock step with Trump, they will be punished. Trump and Bannon want a puppet Congress and are promising to campaign for one. This is how authoritarianism begins.”

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Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Trump “absolutely” a role model

Senator Kelly Ayotte can’t stop bear-hugging Donald Trump. Just today, Donald Trump said veterans suffering from PTSD aren’t “strong,” but Senator Ayotte still couldn’t help herself from saying the GOP nominee was “absolutely” a role model for kids.

Question: Would you tell them to be like Donald Trump? Would you point to him as a role model?

Ayotte: Well I think that certainly there are many role models that we have and I believe he can serve as president and so absolutely I would do that.


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Marco Rubio Is All In To “Make Sure That Donald Wins”

We have to make sure that Donald wins this election.” That was Marco Rubio’s message about Donald Trump at a candidate forum over the weekend.

Yes, Rubio is saying that the Republican nominee, who he once said is “wholly unprepared to be president of the United States” will have his full support to win the election.This is just the latest example of Rubio throwing his weight behind Trump, and arguably his most forceful endorsement to-date of a man he once characterized as “an erratic individual…who has spent a career sticking it to working people.”

Oh, how times have changed. These days, Rubio’s reportedly taking phone calls with Trump and his campaign chair, Paul Manafort, to “discuss Florida politics.”Rubio’s openly tying himself to Donald Trump and the anti-immigrant fearmongering that’s defined Trump’s campaign — quite the evolution from the erstwhile Gang of 8 advocate of comprehensive immigration reform.
And […]

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Trump Hoped For Home Foreclosures And Economic Pain, That’s “What America Needs”

In response to criticism of his 2006 statements hoping for a housing crash, Trump claimed in a statement to NBC News that, “This is the kind of thinking our country needs.” Trump doubled down on those statements tonight in Albuquerque, NM reiterating that, “That’s the kind of thinking we need,” and, “If it goes down, it goes down.

Trump’s callous disregard for the millions of Americans affected by the housing crisis reveals a man more concerned about his bottom line than the good of the country. While millions lost their homes and retirement savings, Donald spun a profit. Trumps’s reckless, self-serving approach represents the worst of our society, not the best; and it definitely doesn’t belong in the White House.

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Donald Trump’s Albuquerque Lowlights

In case you didn’t catch the full Trump rally in New Mexico tonight, we did. Here are some lowlights:

Trump bragged about having rooted for the housing market to fail, calling it “the kind of thinking our country needs.”

Trump trashed Republican Governor Susana Martinez. So much for party unity, eh Reince?

Trump bemoaned Hillary for yelling too much. ‘Cause Donald Trump never shouts.

Trump (again) called Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”.

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Presumptive GOP Nominee Donald Trump Still Unfit To Be Commander In Chief

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s wins tonight:

“Even as the GOP establishment has rallied behind Donald Trump over the last week, he’s continued to prove himself a danger to our country. Trump is as unfit as ever to be commander in chief and his candidacy continues to be a national embarrassment.”

Watch “The Trump Doctrine,” featuring the low-lights of Trump’s dangerous and amateurish foreign policy agenda, here:

Watch “Trump’s Harsh Minimum Wage Reality,” on Trump’s consistent opposition to a minimum wage increase, here:

Watch “Trump’s Losing Hand,” an overview of Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric and anti-women policy agenda, here:

Watch “Republicanos Hispanos No Apoyan A Trump,” featuring Latino Republicans who don’t support Trump, here:

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More Like Ted Lose, Amirite?

With tonight’s big Trump win in Indiana, you can tack “presumptive Republican presidential nominee” on to Donald Trump’s long list of glaringly unpresidential descriptors. Here are a few others: conspiracy theorist, hate and fearmongerer, misogynistforeign policy amateur, and GOP xenophobe-in-chief.

So better chug whatever Bailey’s you’ve got left in your corn flakes, Reince, because the time has come for you and the rest of the Republican Party — yes, even the #NeverTrumpers — to get on board the Trump Train and unite behind Donald Trump as your party’s nominee.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement on tonight’s GOP primary result in Indiana: 

“Donald Trump has at every turn disqualified himself from being commander in chief. And yet, he’s consolidated the GOP into the Party of Trump, actively promoting a platform of alienation and division. It’s a lose-lose situation, but Republicans only have themselves — and their months of Trump-enabling — […]

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Trump’s March To The Nomination Continues As The Establishment Runs Out Of Options

After another winner-take-all victory in Arizona, Donald Trump’s march to the GOP nomination is becoming ever more inevitable. While the Republican Establishment grasps at straws trying to deny Trump the nomination at a contested convention — and Trump predicts riots in Cleveland if they do — Ted Cruz has astutely declared, “If you want to beat him, you have to beat him at the ballot box.” Unfortunately for Cruz and his new buddies in the GOP Establishment, Trump is set to expand his delegate lead tonight despite Mitt Romney’s lightning-quick betrayal of John Kasich.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — whose policies a federal judge found systematically engaged in the racial profiling of Latinos — this week said, “Right now my mission is to get him [Trump] elected.” In addition to the endorsement of Sheriff Arpaio, Trump also picked up an endorsement from former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Widely remembered — and at the […]

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American Bridge Statement on Tonight’s Primary Results

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to tonight’s Republican primary and caucus results:

“Another day of primary and caucus elections, another big night Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and another data point indicating that the Republican party is poised to nominate a candidate viewed by members of their own party as not just unelectable, but dangerous to downballot candidates as well.  From tax plans that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy to dangerous foreign policy, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are leaving mainstream voters far, far behind, and their party is in lockstep behind them.”

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