American Bridge Statement on Jeff Sessions’ AG Confirmation

Following Jeff Sessions’ Senate Confirmation vote, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“In a cabinet full of controversial and reckless nominees, Jeff Sessions might be the worst. He has been credited as the godfather of some of the Trump administration’s most egregious actions and was previously deemed too racist to be a federal judge by the U.S. Senate. Last night was proof that even Republicans know Americans find Sessions unacceptable, but their attempts to silence opposition to his racism and bigotry won’t work.

“The country knows that Senate Republicans are responsible for sending a man Coretta Scott King said would ‘irreparably damage the work of’ her husband, Martin Luther King Jr., to run Department of Justice and unravel a century of progress on civil rights. We will hold them accountable for his agenda.”

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American Bridge on Jeff Sessions’ Nomination Hearing

Ahead of Jeff Sessions’ nomination hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee this Tuesday, American Bridge president Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“Like Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions is a racist and a bigot in his words and actions. It’s incomprehensible that any senator would vote to put Sessions in charge of the Justice Department where he will weaken civil rights, break up immigrant families, and make it harder for people to vote.

“Rather than hold Trump accountable when he starts profiting from the presidency on day one, Jeff Sessions will work to rig the rules in Trump’s favor. It’s a big win for Trump and his family but a losing proposition for all Americans.”

American Bridge’s research and video on Jeff Sessions is available at Follow @American_Bridge for rapid response updates during the hearing.

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“Great Pick!” — David Duke

Republicans who are praising the racist misfits that Donald Trump is picking for his Cabinet are in good company. Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke thinks that Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn in the White House and Jeff Sessions down the street as Attorney General are all “Great!”

Why does a racist white supremacist think Donald Trump is surrounding himself with the right men?

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General: Said “Be careful what you say to white folks” to an African American lawyer. (And much more.)

Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor: Islam is a “cancer” and a “political ideology,” not a religion.

Steve Bannon, chief strategist: Jewish kids are “whiny brats.”

Mike Pompeo, CIA director: Said Muslim leaders were “complicit” in Boston Marathon bombings.

Trump is stacking his administration with like-minded white nationalists and all the wrong people are […]

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Trump’s Attorney General Nominee Shares His Racism

“What do you have to lose?” was Donald Trump’s appeal to African Americans throughout his campaign. As we knew then, the answer is “Everything.”

With Trump’s first nomination of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, Trump confirmed that he doesn’t stand on the side of African American communities. Like Trump, Sessions has a long and documented history of racism– racism so brutally repugnant that it prevented Sessions from being confirmed to the U.S. District Court.

Sessions also supported Trump’s ban on Muslims and is behind Trump’sxenophobic and nationalistic anti-immigrant policies. Building the wall was just the rallying cry for a deportation force that would rip up working families.

Republican senators now need to decide if Trump and Session’s overt racism is what is needed in an Attorney General.


Read more about Trump’s Attorney General nominee’s penchant for racism:

Jeff Session’s History Of Racism

In 1986, Sessions was nominated by President Ronald Reagan to the U.S. District Court […]

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KKKan You Believe David Duke Loves Trump?

At last night’s Louisiana Senate debate, Trump supporter and former KKK leader David Duke went off on an angry rant that not only echoed Trump campaign talking points, but also concluded with Duke favorably comparing himself to Trump (claiming that the two are both unfairly maligned by the media).

Oh, and then Duke promised to be Trump’s “most loyal advocate,” should he make it to the Senate.

David Duke doesn’t just like Trump, he actually seems something of himself in the Republican Party’s birther in chief. So much so, that Duke sincerely believes Trump listens to his radio show and even reads his books.

But is it any wonder that a former KKK leader is enamored with Trump, who’s called for racial profiling, a Muslim ban, and the forcible deportation of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States?

More on Duke’s performance at last night’s Louisiana […]

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Surprise! Mark Kirk Is Still Saying Racist Things.

I had forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” Senator Mark Kirk sneeringly commented after Rep. Tammy Duckworth recounted her family’s long history of military service at last night’s Illinois Senate debate.

It was shocking, but unsurprising. Mark Kirk has been saying racist and offensive things for years, so it’s no wonder Kirk for months stood by Donald Trump’s own racism. Kirk could no doubt empathize with the backlash Trump has deservedly faced for his offensive rhetoric and policy ideas. Over the years, Kirk has:

Commented “we drive faster” when going through black communities;
Said President Obama was “acting like the drug dealer in chief“; 
Proposed shipping condoms to Mexico in hopes of achieving “a slower rate of growth [which] would also reduce the long-term illegal immigration on America’s borders“;
Claimed a letter sent toe […]

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Trump Is An Anti-Immigrant Racist

Donald Trump at tonight’s debate quadrupled down on deporting immigrant families.

Donald Trump is a racist — that isn’t up for discussion. Trump began his presidential campaign by calling immigrants criminals and rapists, and he hasn’t looked back since then. “Build the wall” chants have defined his candidacy, as has his promise to create a “deportation force” that would break up immigrant families and forcibly deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

And it isn’t just undocumented immigrants. The Republican nominee has also proposed cuts to legal immigration, even as he hypocritically imports thousands of foreign workers to fill jobs at his businesses.

Even American citizens born to immigrant parents have felt Trump’s nativist wrath. He and his running mate, Mike Pence, malign and denigrate them as “anchor babies,” an unapologetically derogatory epithet. And then there’s Gonzalo Curiel, a respected, Indiana-born federal judge who Trump claims is unable to do his job because “[h]e’s a […]

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Trump still doesn’t know why he’s called “a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe”

Donald Trump this afternoon claimed that he’s only being called “a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed,” because he is challenging “The Establishment and their media enablers,” who are, Trump said, running a coordinated smear campaign against him.

Think we can just go to the tape on this one:


Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.
Trump‘s said he thinks a working wife is a “very dangerous thing.”
Trump‘s warned he “go[es] through the roof,” if he gets home and dinner isn’t ready.
Trump publicly attacked an attorney as “disgusting” for pumping breast milk to feed her child.
Trump said a “pregnancy…is certainly an inconvenience…for a person that is running a business,” even if it’s “a wonderful thing for the woman.”
Trump‘s lamented that “women get it better” than men.
Trump said “maybe [recent mothers] should feel” pressured to return to work quickly after a pregnancy.
Trump‘s insisted that […]

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Trigger Happy Trump Won’t Protect Communities

“What do you have to lose?” It’s a consistent refrain from Donald Trump — that he brought up again at tonight’s town hall — aimed at African Americans and Latinos that manages to completely offend and gloss over his horrible record at the same time.

For starters, Trump is endorsed by the NRA and has already spent $23.5 million on his behalf. He opposes “any limits” on owning a gun.

He would “unsign” President Obama’s executive action that expanded background checks on gun purchases.

Trump would get rid of ‘gun free’ zones at schools and military bases, with classically Trumpian and ignorant reasoning: “Whenever I see gun-free zone, that’s a flag for the whackos to come in and start shooting people.”

This is on top of his overt racism and racial discrimination since the 1970s, major reasons for his strong support from white nationalists and neo-Nazis like David Duke. He continues to flat-out LIE about crime statistics to whip up […]

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Trump Is The One Spreading Islamophobia

Donald Trump spent 5 years promoting a racist conspiracy theory that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Earlier this month, someone on Trump’s staff finally convinced him to begrudgingly say that Obama was born in the U.S. — but that doesn’t mean Trump believes it, and the way Trump’s essentially dodged questions on his birtherism since then suggests he probably still does.

Donald Trump hasn’t apologized for years of his racist birtherism, nor similarly for the broader, deep-seeded racism and moments of bigotry that have defined his campaign.

Here are just a few instances of flagrant racism and bigotry that Trump should — but refuses to — apologize for tonight:

Trump’s called immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing drugs” and “crime.”
Trump’s called for racial profiling of Muslims and African Americans.
Trump’s suggested that an American-born federal judge is inherently biased […]

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