Trump’s Budget Director Pick Can’t Manage A Household Budget

Rep. Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s pick to lead Office of Management and Budget, neglected “to pay more than $15,000 in payroll taxes for a household employee,” according to a New York Times report on Mulvaney’s disclosure of the discrepancy to the Senate Budget Committee.

The revelation stains Trump’s already ethically-marred transition just days before his inauguration, and it adds Mulvaney to a growing list of Trump Administration figures (and nominees) including Trump, himself, and Betsy DeVos, who have shady tax records, disclosure errors, or simply a refusal to release their tax returns.

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah issued the following statement on Mulvaney’s tax discrepancy:

“Trump’s pick for Budget director either purposefully avoided paying taxes he owed for a household employee, or he can’t be trusted to manage his own household budget. I don’t know which is worse, but both are disqualifying. Senators of both parties should call on Mulvaney to remove his name from […]

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Trump Dodges Transparency Just Like He Dodges Paying Taxes

Every major party nominee has released his or her tax returns since Gerald Ford, who still released a tax summary in 1976 in lieu of his full returns. Trump is using his unconfirmed IRS audit as a phony excuse to not release his tax returns, but that didn’t stop Richard Nixon, of all people, who voluntarily released his under-audit returns as president in 1973.

There are a number of possibilities why Trump refuses to release his returns. Here are a few:

Trump’s returns would show he dishonestly manipulated–and possibly broke– the law to avoid paying income tax. Documents obtained by the New York Times show that in the early 1990s Trump avoided claiming hundreds of millions in taxable income through a “tax avoidance maneuver so legally dubious his own lawyers advised him that the Internal Revenue Service would most likely declare it improper if he were audited.” Completetax returns from additional years would likely show […]

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Tax-Dodging Scam Artist Has Bad Judgment

Donald Trump’s breathtaking $916 million loss in the early 1990’s (that might’ve allowed him to pay zero federal income taxes for 18 years) wasn’t the result of a poor economy as he often claims: it was the result of mistakes, poor decisions, and risky gambles.

We already knew Trump didn’t pay hundreds of workers and contractors, but even those sleazy business practices weren’t enough to overcome Trump’s deficiencies as a businessman.

Donald Trump is nothing but a simple con-man, ripping off workers and bouncing from one grift to the next. From Trump Vitamins to Trump University, Trump left a wake of ripped-off workers, investors, and clients in his orange wake.

Trump isn’t a brilliant businessman. He’s declared multiple bankruptcies while scamming investors and workers along the way. If Trump had just invested in index funds, he’d be a hell of a lot wealthier.

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Liar, Liar, Pence on Fire. And We Have The Proof On Video.

Donald Trump’s policies are so dangerous and reckless that Mike Pence’s only defense intonight’s debate was to lie over and over again:

PENCE LIE: Trump never said that more nations should get nuclear weapons.

Trump said it at least three times.

PENCE LIE: Trump hasn’t broken his promise to release his tax returns.

Trump said repeatedly in 2014 and 2015 that he would release his returns if he were to run for President. He still has not released his tax returns.

PENCE LIE: Trump did not say that Vladimir Putin was a better leader than President Obama.

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, and did indeed say he was a better leader than President Obama.

PENCE LIE: It’s nonsense to say that Trump and Pence are for mass deportation.

Trump has called for a deportation force, and mass deportation is the centerpiece of his immigration “plan.”

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Another Mess Pence Can’t Clean Up: Trump’s Tax Dodges

Mike Pence is complaining about “higher taxes” on the wealthy few. Would he have Donald Trump pay less than for the $0 that he likely paid for nearly two decades? We now know that Trump lost one billion dollars in a single year, and may have gone nearly two decades without paying any taxes at all (a move he’d call “smart”). With that information already public, Trump’s continued refusal to release his full tax returns begs the question – what information in the remaining returns is so bad that he’s still set on hiding it?

One thing is clear – voters aren’t taking well to Trump’s refusal to release his returns. A new CNN poll shows that 8-in-10 Trump supporters believe that paying taxes is a “civic duty.” Trump won’t have an easy time explaining this one to his supporters, and until he releases his full tax returns, this […]

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Confessed con artist, foreign policy amateur, all-around ignoramus

When Trump wasn’t being racist or sexist at last night’s debate, he found time to betray his foreign policy ignorance, anti-science views, and con artist mentality.

1.) Trump said China should invade North Korea

“You look at North Korea, we’re doing nothing there. China should solve that problem for us. China should go into North Korea.”
2.) Trump defended cheering on the housing crisis

“That’s called business.”
3.) Trump lied about calling climate change “a hoax.” (He did.)

“I did not.”

4.) Trump admitted to not paying federal income taxes

“That makes me smart.”

5.) Trump admitted to stiffing small business owners

“Maybe he didn’t do a good job and I was unsatisfied with his work.”

6.) And claimed that a federal agency endorsed him. (Wrong again!)

“I was just endorsed by ICE; they’ve never endorsed anybody before.”

Donald Trump: Con artist, foreign policy amateur, all-around ignoramus. 

Unfit to be commander in chief.

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Donald Trump: Mitt Romney A “Fool” For Waiting Until September 21st To Release Tax Returns

A mere seven weeks before Election Day, Donald Trump is still refusing to release his tax returns. On this day back in 2012, Mitt Romney finally released his own returns after months of back-and-forth on the subject.

In February, however, Trump had some harsh words for Mitt Romney regarding the late release of his tax returns in 2012. In a debate, Trump slammed Romney for waiting so long to release his returns, calling him a “fool” and saying the move “cost him big league.”

A note to The Donald — It’s September 21st. You’re still hiding your tax returns. Who’s the fool now?

WATCH more below:

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If Pence Can Do It, Why Can’t Trump?

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence just released his tax returns. But Donald Trump still won’t. Let that sink in for a minute. Trump asked his own running mate to release his taxes, allowing for the extremely necessary vetting and scrutiny of the American people while he will likely never do the same.

This attempt by Trump’s campaign to placate the American people is insulting and ridiculous.

Over the years, Trump’s schemed and dealt with more than his share of shady characters. His returns could show connections to Russia and other unfriendly countries, or that the business success he’s based his entire campaign on isn’t nearly what it seems. Or the returns could show, as many have come to believe, that Trump gives little to charity, despite claiming he donates millions.

Trump’s excuse of being “under audit” is just that: an excuse. Even Richard Nixon proved himself to be more […]

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History Made! (Because Trump’s Afraid To Release His Tax Returns)

On Wednesday morning, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort announced that Donald Trump “will not be releasing [his tax returns],” the latest indication that Trump plans to break the 40 year tradition of major party presidential candidates releasing their tax returns in the interest of being transparent with voters.

Every major party nominee has released his or her tax returns since Gerald Ford, who released a “tax summary” in 1976 in lieu of his full returns. Trump has previously suggested that he can’t — or just won’t? — release his tax returns because he’s “under audit,” but that didn’t stop Richard Nixon, of all people, who voluntarily released his under-audit returns as president in 1973.

There are a number of possibilities why Trump refuses to release his returns. Here are a few:

As Trump himself highlighted on Tuesday night, the returns could show Trump investments in Russia — or conversely, Russian investments in Trump. 
Or Trump’s […]

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