American Bridge Launches “#Everything2Lose”

Millennials to Millennial Voters:

“We have everything to lose with Trump”


From American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Donald Trump has run an attack campaign since Day 1 against anyone who’s challenged his racist, sexist, and divisive rhetoric, and American Bridge–through our tracking, research, and rapid response operation–has made sure voters know Trump is unfit to be president. When he isn’t name-calling and fingerpointing, the few policies Trump does propose are dangerous, ignorant, and un-American, making people of color the targets of hate and violence. American Bridge is holding Trump and the Republican leadership that has fostered his rise accountable through November 8 and beyond.”

This week, American Bridge 21st Century is launching our newest campaign, #Everything2Lose with partner organizations on the ground in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia and nationwide via social media.

The campaign highlights what’s at stake in this election for millennials and […]

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Just Like Trump: Burr Bans Newspaper, Jokes About Shooting Hillary

Senator Richard Burr was right when he said, “there’s no separation between me and Donald Trump.”  In less than 12 hours, Burr managed to ban a newspaper from covering his campaign and get caught making a joke about gun owners targetting Hillary Clinton. Pretty sure we’ve heard both of those before (here and here) from Trump himself.

Trump’s still getting in trouble for those and many more of his outrageous and offensive comments and actions. Now, one week before Election Day, Senator Burr’s already troubled campaign is in a death spiral. Burr better brush up his resume because his life as a Washington insider is finally coming to a close.

See the headlines that promise to follow Burr through November 8:

News & Observer: Richard Burr apologizes for joking about ‘bullseye’ on Hillary Clinton

WRAL: Reports: Sen. Richard Burr jokes about gun owners putting bullseye […]

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Trump’s Dangerous Nuclear “Unpredictability”

To me nuclear is just, the power, the devastation is very important to me.” 

–Donald Trump, 12/15/15

Donald Trump’s campaign has been a series of escalating temper tantrums and dangerous rhetoric that has alienated military leaders and our allies — proving once and for all just how unfit he is to be commander in chief.

Trump’s foreign policy is as simple as “I want to be unpredictable.” It’s his answer for nearly everything, either because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or it actually encapsulates his dangerous temperament.

He’s argued “you want to be unpredictable” on nuclear policy. He’s bragged that his business record demonstrates he is “so unpredictable.” He’s reverted to being unpredictable when asked about bombing a hypothetical Iranian nuclear site, and again when asked if he would use nuclear weapons against ISIS.

And when Trump isn’t threatening to be unpredictable with our nuclear arsenal, he’s encouraged allies like  Read more after the jump.

Trump’s watershed realization that he has no idea what he’s doing

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s watershed realization that he has no idea what he’s doing:

“Donald Trump got schooled. Anyone watching could tell by the look on his face that he finally realized he’s in over his head. Trump is late to the joke, but he’s now fully aware that he is fundamentally unfit to be commander in chief. Maybe that’s why Donald had yet another meltdown on stage.

“But most alarming tonight, was that Donald Trump indicated he’ll fight the results of November’s election, and is prepared to compromise the integrity of our democracy. Trump is a joke, but his dangerous, un-American rhetoric is as serious a threat to our national and economic security as ever.”

The worst of Donald Trump’s meltdown:

On Roe v. Wade being overturned “automatically”

On building a wall: “We need the wall.” 

Praising Putin.

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Toomey Doesn’t Think Trump Has Done ANYTHING Disqualifying?

In a meeting with the PennLive Editorial board, Pat Toomey this morning effectively said he supports everything that Donald Trump has done and said.

Again: Toomey doesn’t think that Trump — a racist birther who brags about sexually assaulting women — has done anything disqualifying.

Watch here.

And that wasn’t all. Toomey also found time to lie about his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership; which is quite simply untrue — he did.

Watch here.

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Down in the polls and a consensus debate loser who’s being abandoned by members of his own party, Donald Trump is not having a good week — and it’s getting to him.

Trump was as erratic as ever during an appearance on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor tonight, demonstrating that, with under a month until Election Day, he’s as unfit as ever to be commander in chief.

Defended (yet again) his bragging about sexually assaulting women. 

Complained Hillary Clinton “came into my territory” during the debate.
Attacked Speaker Paul Ryan, who’s endorsed him: “If you sneeze, he calls up and announces, ‘Isn’t that a terrible thing’…I don’t want his support, I don’t care about his support.”

Railed on Senator John McCain: “I feel very badly I gave him my endorsement…John McCain, who has probably the dirtiest mouth in […]

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Ten More Reasons Donald Trump Is Unfit To Serve As Commander in Chief

“Donald Trump did nothing tonight to stop his campaign’s self-induced freefall after the tape of his shameful remarks surfaced on Friday,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler. “Trump offered the same unacceptable non-apology and attempted to brush over the fact that he bragged about sexually assaulting women with denial. There’s already a mile-long list of reasons Trump can’t serve as president – from his shameful remarks about women, to the racism and hatred that he’s based his campaign upon, and tonight he added to that list. He showed us yet again that he is unstable, unhinged, and unfit to serve as Commander in Chief.”

After a year of leading a presidential campaign predicated on hatred, racism and sexism, Donald Trump proved once again just how unfit he is to serve as Commander in Chief. Everything about Trump’s performance tonight was shameful for someone seeking the office of the President. […]

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Short-Tempered & Short-Sighted

Anyone whose foreign policy mantra is “I love war” cannot be trusted to keep Americans safe. Donald Trump repeatedly proves he’s too immature, too ignorant, and too erratic to be in charge of the U.S. millitary and nuclear weapons.

As far as we can tell, Trump is his own main advisor on foreign affairs. He’s claimed to “know more about ISIS than the generals do” and says he has a “very good brain.” But his bravado isn’t a comfort to American families.

Throughout his campaign, his ego has been a cause for concern as he’s lashed out after even the smallest slight. Trump cannot run America’s foreign affairs the same way he runs his life: short-tempered and short-sighted are not the characteristics voters want for the person with their finger on the button.

Beyond his temperamental issues, Trump’s complete lack of knowledge of foreign affairs, particularly when it comes to nuclear policy, is appalling. […]

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Unstable. Unpredictable. Unfit.

Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.

When challenged, Trump loses his mind at the drop of a hat, blindly lashing out critics, and easily baited by something as inconsequential as a single tweet. Trump’s unstable and utterly unpredictable; the only certainty is he’ll never apologize.

Trump’s campaign is occasionally able to keep him from lashing out and control him via teleprompter. But there is no teleprompter for the presidency. And that’s why Donald Trump’s volatile and unstable temperament make him a serious threat to our economic and national security and fundamentally unfit to be commander in chief.

 Here are just a few of Trump’s most dangerous and erratic moments from the past year:

Trump ashed out at and called an American-born federal judge “a Mexican” for doing his job of investigating Trump’s fraudulent Trump University;

Attacked a Gold Star military family who’s only […]

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Roy Blunt’s Silence Is Disqualifying

Senator Roy Blunt’s silence in the face of Donald Trump boasting about how he sexually assaults women is disqualifying. The person Blunt supports to be our commander in chief has called Mexicans rapists, attacked our servicemen and women, berated the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, and much more.

Need more proof that Roy Blunt is only looking out for himself? Now we have tape of Trump saying that he sexually assaults women — in profane and graphic detail that is beneath any person, much less someone who aspires to be president of the United States.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Blunt’s refusal to revoke his support for Trump:

“Today, Roy Blunt has proven that he supports everything that Donald Trump embodies — crude sexism that harms women and is a danger to those around him. Blunt’s decision to stand with Donald Trump — after knowing all […]

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